Collingwood Cycling Tours Policies


Our guides will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that all riders complete their ride and have a positive experience.


·      While cycling with the tour, all participants must adhere to the rules of the road as per The Ontario Highway Traffic Act.

·      Good judgment and alertness are crucial to bike safety. 

·      CCT rides will be cancelled if lightening is present

·      All participants must wear a CSA certified bike helmet.

·      Proper cycling clothing and protective gear (glasses, gloves) should be worn.  Dress for the weather

·      Participants are responsible for ensuring that their bicycle is in good working order before the tour.

·      Participants are responsible for bringing enough fluids and snacks for the ride

·      Participants are responsible for bringing appropriate bike tools and spare inner tubes.  Guides will help in the event of a break down

·      Participants are expected to ride predictably and defensively and in a straight line.  Make eye contact with other bikers and drivers to ensure they see you.

·      Wet roads may be slippery and extra caution and greater stopping distance must be used – especially when descending. 

·      Be aware of road obstacles such as storm drains, rocks, glass or gravel. Point these hazards out to those bikers traveling behind.

·      When merging with traffic, always shoulder check.  Never simply follow the biker in front of you.  Check for yourself that the passage is safe.  If uncomfortable merging with traffic at an intersection, simply walk your bike at the crosswalks.

·      Never bike with headphones.  Always listen for approaching traffic.

·      If you wear contact lenses for driving, you should use them when biking.